Trojan Truck Mounted P70LS

Standard Features

In 1968 Transcrete designed the first “operator friendly” truck mounted concrete pump. The design included pipe racks, steel decking and clamp boxes. The unique method of mounting the pumping module gave the pump a low hopper discharge height and a wide enough opening to allow a “two truck” feed. The Transcrete design layout has become the industry standard. Pumps can be powered direct via the truck engine and a full torque P.T.O or using a separate rear mounted diesel engine.

General Specifications

Specifications: P70 LS
Maximum Output: 60M3
Maximum Concrete Pressure: 100 bar
Maximum aggregate size: 30 mm
Concrete Cylinder Size: 175 mm
Concrete Cylinder Stroke: 1,400 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 90 mm
Maximum strokes per minute: 35
Variable Volume Control: Yes
S-tube Casting Size: 152 x 127
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 75 mm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity:
Hopper Capacity: 540 litre
Hopper Height: 850 mm
Hopper Outlet Size: 127 mm
Engine Size: 80 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity:
Ideal truck wheelbase: