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Welcome to Transcrete Concrete Pumps

We’ve been manufacturing concrete pumping equipment since 1968 and the longest running concrete
pump manufacturer in Australia, giving you low cost reliable concrete pumps you can count on !

Why Buy Transcrete?

A Transcrete concrete pump does more than just pump concrete. It can be the start of a successful concrete pumping service. It can be the best tool a successful concrete placing company owns. Read More

Concrete Pumps That Last

A concrete pump is a large investment. Transcrete pumps are renowned for their durability and long life. There are Transcrete pumps 30 and 40 years old that still pump on a daily basis.

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Give us a call 24/7 our phone is always answered by a friendly experienced staff member. We do not have a “call tree” no push this … push that, we love to talk concrete pumps. Even if you are not in the market as yet, but considering the concrete pumping industry … we listen

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War Stories – What Our Clients Say About Our Pumps…

It is always better to talk to an owner if you need to obtain information in regards to performance, reliability and after sales service and support. Transcrete owners are always telling us about their on site experiences, so much so that we have set up a section where intending Transcrete owners can gain the good, bad and ugly of owning a Transcrete concrete pump.

Chris M

I was received a call for a desperate customer wanting a small job pumped as quick as possible. Going through the normal questions about the job specifics … I was told, just a small line and a few truck loads.

Based on the information given, I quoted a fair price. However, when I arrived at the job and asked where do you want to start, so that I could put the end of the hose there and work back. Oh, it’s over there, and a bit longer distance than we told you.

The job ended up 122 metres from the pump to the slab for a round dome building in the centre of Centennial Park in Sydney.

Not only a long line but 15 truck loads of concrete, in total 75 cubic metres. I ended up with just one short steel pipe left on the pump. The line was a mix of 100 mm steel pipe, 75 mm rubber hoses and several 50 mm hoses.

My truck mounted  Trojan P70 did not “bat an eye lid” and was only using 115 bar on the main pumping cylinders.

Naturally, I hit them up another 50% on the original quote, they were more than happy as we finished a lot earlier than they had in mind.

Chris M, Owner CFM Concrete Pumping Manly Warringah. NSW.

Chris MCFM Concrete Pumping

Why Buy Transcrete ?

  • 45 Years Experience

    Transcrete has been there from the introduction of concrete pumping in Australia. There is nothing we do not know about pumping concrete or designing a concrete pump to meet ever increasing challenges of pumping concrete.

  • Better Design & Efficiency

    Low Running Costs – High Fuel Efficiency Better Hydraulic Design Gives Better Fuel Economy

  • Full Parts & Service Support

    We offer Lifetime support for spare parts and service even on our oldest pumps.

  • Australian Made Quality

    Transcrete Concrete Pumps have been designed to pump the harsh low slump concrete mixes used on Australian construction sites. We know that the highest quality materials must be used to produce reliable equipment.