Trojan Series P40

Standard Features

The Trojan series trailer pump was developed to replace the successful Transcrete Sidewinder series trailer pump that incorporated a full hydraulic cycling system. The Trojan incorporates the latest solid state cycling system and closed loop “over centre” hydraulic circuit. The Trojan is better suited to the demands of the harsh low slump mixes of today.

General Specifications

Specifications: P40
Maximum Output: 38M3
Maximum Concrete Pressure: 100 bar
Maximum aggregate size: 30 mm
Concrete Cylinder Size: 152 mm 
Concrete Cylinder Stroke: 915 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 75 mm 
Maximum strokes per minute: 40
Variable Volume Control: Yes
S-tube Casting Size: 152 x 127
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 75 mm bore x 127 mm stroke x 29 mm rod
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 180 litre with inspection hatch
Hopper Capacity: 540 litre through full Trojan range
Hopper Height: 650 mm
Hopper Outlet Size: 127 mm through full Trojan range
Engine Size: 51 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 litre with level gauge
Axle Capacity: 3,000 kg torsion bar suspension
Wheel: 225/70R x 15 sport rims
Brakes: 300 mm electric (Optional hydraulic over ride
Outriggers:                      Manual standard models (Optional hydraulic rear and/or front)
Length: 4,500 mm
Width: 1,700 mm
Height: 1,600 mm
Weight: 2,000 kg