Shotcrete Trailer Series P25

Standard Features

In 1973 the Transcrete designed Sidewinder S-tube concrete pump revolutionized the way concrete was sprayed Worldwide. The S-tube concrete valve Transcrete has now developed a wide range of models to per hour outputs.

General Specifications

Specifications: P25
Maximum Output: 18M3
Maximum Concrete Pressure: 120 bar
Maximum aggregate size: 30 mm
Concrete Cylinder Size: 125 mm
Concrete Cylinder Stroke: 600 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 70 mm
Maximum strokes per minute: 40
Variable Volume Control: Yes
S-tube Casting Size: 115 x 100
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 65 mm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 150 litre
Hopper Capacity: 300 litre
Hopper Height: 450 mm
Hopper Outlet Size: 100 mm
Engine Size: 65 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 litre with level gauge
Axle Capacity: 3,000 kg torsion bar suspension
Wheel: 225/70R x 15 sport rims
Brakes: 300 mm electric (Optional hydraulic over ride)
Outriggers:                     Manual standard models (Optional hydraulic rear and/or front)
Length: 3,500 mm
Width: 1,700 mm
Height: 1,700 mm
Weight: 1,700 kg