Top-Gun Truck Mounted TG170

Standard Features

The Transcrete Top-Gun track mounted range of concrete Auger Piling companies. Due to large sites with sandy or without bogging.  In some pumping operations the drill rig concrete delivery point.

General Specifications

Specifications: TG 170
Maximum Output: 170M3
Maximum Concrete Pressure: 87 bar
Maximum aggregate size: 30 mm
Concrete Cylinder Size: 225 mm
Concrete Cylinder Stroke: 2, 400 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 120 mm
Maximum strokes per minute: 35
Variable Volume Control: Yes
S-tube Casting Size: 225 x 175
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 100 mm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity:           180 litre with inspection hatch
Hopper Capacity: 850 litre
Hopper Height: 850 mm
Hopper Outlet Size: 175 mm
Engine Size: 250 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity: 300 litres
Tracks: Rubber type with 2 speed hub drive.
Length: 8 cm
Width: 2.3 cm
Height: 2.1 cm
Weight: 7, 000 kg