Spraymaster Truck Mounted SM40

Standard Features

The Transcrete Spraymaster truck mounted range of concrete pumps have been developed to meet the specific requirements of the Shotcrete industry. The Spraymaster is a complete package, incorporating a 185 CFM air compressor, high pressure pumping module, an hydraulic powered chemical additive pump, water and chemical tanks and a hydraulic powered water blaster.

General Specifications

Specifications: SM40
Maximum Output: 38M3
Maximum Concrete Pressure: 135 bar
Maximum aggregate size: 30 mm
Concrete Cylinder Size: 152 mm
Concrete Cylinder Stroke: 925 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 90 mm
Maximum strokes per minute: 40
Variable Volume Control: Yes
S-tube Casting Size: 152 x 127
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 75 mm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 180 litre
Hopper Capacity: 540 litre
Hopper Height: 800 mm
Hopper Outlet Size: 127 mm
Engine Size: Based on truck diesel engine and P.T.O.
Fuel Tank Capacity: Based on truck selected.
Air Compressor: 186 CFM Airman (Japan) with separate diesel power.
Length: Based on selected truck, Wheelbases 4.2 metre to 4.8 metre.
Width and Height: Based on selected truck.
Weight: Average between 6.5 tonne to 7.5 tonne.